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G&T Septech Catalog 2005+
I. Introduction
II. Table of Contents
III. Micro-HPLC Instruments (Stand-Alone Units)

     HotSep® HSP-2 PRO: capillary/nano-HPLC splitless binary gradient pump
     HotSep® HSP-10 PRO: microbore-HPLC splitless binary gradient pump
     HotSep® HSA-30(A/B): micro-HPLC autosampler
     HotSep® HSO-90: micro-HPLC column heater/chiller
     WellChrom 2600: microbore and capillary UV/VIS detector
IV. Micro-HPLC Columns

     Micro-HPLC column selection by separation mode
     Micro-HPLC column selection by manufacturer
     Introduction to micro-HPLC
     Micro-HPLC columns: product availability
          Kromasil C18
          Kromasil C8
          Kromasil C4
          Kromasil Phenyl
          Kromasil Cyano (CN)
          Kromasil Amino (NH2)
          Kromasil Silica
          Kromasil Chiral
          Hypersil ODS
          ProntoSIL C18
          Nucleosil SAX
          Nucleosil SCX
     Other: custom packed columns, batch reservation service, technical support, etc.
     Care and use of HotSep® micro-HPLC columns
     HotSep® micro-HPLC guard/trace-enrichment columns

          HotSep® Tracy: micro trace-enrichment columns
          HotSep® Protector: micro guard columns

     Packing material availablility: complete list
V. Micro-HPLC Accessories

     Valco Cheminert® injection/switching valves
          Microbore HPLC valves
          Valves for large volume injection (sample loading) by column-switching
          Capillary HPLC valves
          Nano HPLC valves
          Microelectric actuators
          Rotor, stator, loop material descriptions

     HPLC syringes

          Manual syringes
          Autosampler syringes
          Micro-flow meter


          Fused silica
          Tubing cutters
VI. Appendices

     Solvent properties: miscibility, viscosity, polarity
     Ordering information: how to order, conditions of sale, returns, notice