Kromasil C18
140: Ovalbumin (chicken) tryptic digest, capillary LC-ESI-MS
141: Cytochrome C (horse) tryptic digest, capillary LC-ESI-MS
142: Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) tryptic digest, capillary LC-ESI-MS
143: Lactic Dehydrogenase (rabbit) tryptic digest, capillary LC-ESI-MS
121: Synthetic oligonucleotides, microbore LC-UV
105: 1-hydroxypyrene (PAH metabolite), nano column-switching LC-ESI-MS
124: Rotenone in river water, capillary column-switching LC-ESI-MS
113: GMS 40 - mono-, di-, and tri-glycerides, microbore LC-ELSD
114: Lowinox CPL - phenolic oligomeric antioxidant, microbore LC-ELSD
111: Armostat 400 - antistatic agent, microbore LC-ELSD
Kromasil C8
123: Sodium Channel Blocker, microbore LC-UV
Kromasil Cyano (CN)
128: Tricyclic antidepressants, microbore LC-UV
133: Fast separation of fluorene (PAH), microbore LC-UV
Kromasil Amino (NH2)
122: Simple sugars, microbore LC-ELSD
137: Oligonucleotides, 12-18-mer, capillary LC-UV
Kromasil Silica
132: Aromates, capillary LC-UV
129: Uracil - Nucleic Acid Base, microbore LC-UV
Kromasil Chiral
101: Clormezanone, microbore LC-UV
102: Baclophenlactam, microbore LC-UV
Hypersil ODS (C18)
139: Xanthines, microbore LC-UV
ProntoSIL C18
103: BSA tryptic digest, capillary LC-ESI-MS
125: Peptides, microbore LC-UV
126: Proteins, capillary LC-UV
127: Fat soluble vitamins, microbore LC-UV
104: Cytochrome C tryptic digest, capillary LC-UV
112: Small synthetic peptide, capillary LC-UV
138: Peptide mixture, microbore LC-UV
109: Large fibrous proteins - pore size comparison, microbore LC-UV
110: DNA fragments, microbore LC-UV
106: Parabens (preservatives), capillary LC-UV
107: Retention characteristics of PLRP-S - comparison with C18 and C4 silica, microbore LC-UV

101: Care & Use of HotSep® micro-HPLC columns
102: High-efficiency nano-HPLC separation of probe solutes
103: Reduced column internal diameter - improved sensitivity