G&T Septech AS (GTS) is a 100% privately owned company which was started in 1997 by a group of people working at the University of Oslo at Blindern. The setting up of the firm came as a direct consequence of the funding provided for a research project by the "FORNY/ěstlandet" program, which is a state-run project financed by The Norwegian Research Council (NFR) and The Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund (SND).
The primary business of the firm is the production of micro-HPLC columns characterized by very high efficiency, robustness and reproducibility. Moreover, the firm enjoys a very high and in some respects unique competence within chromatography and analytical sample preparation in general.
The business activity may be divided into the following areas:
  • The sales of our products

    • Micro-HPLC instrumentation
    • Micro-HPLC columns (microbore, capillary, nano)
    • Micro-HPLC accessories
  • Research assignments including method development

  • GTS with its national and international business partners is your first choice for:
    • testing of new methods for sample preparation and/or analyses
    • consultancy in connection with the acquisition of advanced instrumentation
  • Development of competence through the chromatography courses we offer

    • Our annual courses in chromatography.
    • Courses aimed at and specially adjusted to the needs of analytical laboratories that wish to begin using microbore, capillary or nano HPLC.
  • OEM services
    GTS is the natural choice as OEM partner for production of micro-HPLC columns, ranging from microbore to nano.